Calpers home loans and how it works for you

Since the CalPERS home loan program was suspended in December of 2011, many California state employees have not been sure where to go for a quality home loan. Finding a home you love, is only the beginning. That alone can be an daunting challenge, especially in today’s economy. Finding a loan doesn’t have to be a chore. Any member of any public retirement system in the state of California, as well as active members of CalPERS or CaLSTRS is eligible for a home loan. Whether you are buying your first home or seeking to refinance your current home. California State employees that opt for the Preferred Agent Program at Summit Funding, will have a totally painless process. If you use a California Employee loan preferred agent you could be pleasantly surprised. There will be a credit, based on the final purchase price, applied to your loan at the time of closing. Getting pre-approved will only take about fifteen minutes. This a free service that will make things simpler and easier over all.

Once approved for a California Employee loan you can relax. Getting pre-approved is no more difficult than getting any government loan or conventional loan. The whole process is designed to not only save you money, but make the process as simple and pain free as possible. That is why each applicant has the same loan officer and loan processor for the whole lending process. You will have one person you can go to for questions or concerns. No more repeat paper work or questions, one person who will understand what you and your family need. Whether you need a VA home Loan, FHA,or USDA loan you can count on the friendly people at Summit Funding to know how to get the right loan for your circumstance. Moving is stressful, buying a home shouldn’t be.