Looking At Small Houses

Small house floor plans are becoming more and more popular every year. The reason for this popularity is because of the high cost of property values and government taxes. A small house plan is therefore very economical for the average homeowner.

There are many places to purchase small house plans that focus on the efficient use of space. A small house plan does not necessarily mean that the room will feel tiny. When you utilize your space efficiently you can turn a small area into a perceivable larger area. Also, small homes are definitely a lot more affordable.

Small House And Tiny House Plans

A Dream, A Movement, A Reality!

There’s a movement all across the globe but mainly in western countries where people are choosing less house over the big dream houses that people use to chase. This isn’t the first small house movement that this country has seen. The last movement was after the recession of the 70’s and the new generation saw the folly in working just to pay a mortgage.

Today’s small house/tiny house movement stems out of the recession that we recently clawed our way out of in 2008. People have seen their homes lose too much value and have spent too much of their check to pay for a home that they rarely get to live in. The small house movement isn’t about living in some shack but optimizing and getting the most of small house plans. In this article we will discuss the realities of building a small or tiny home.

Know Your Local Zoning Laws (Mobile Or Stationary)

Before you can even begin to plan a small or tiny home build, you first need to know the laws of the land. In the case of building a home, home building is covered by local zoning laws. Local zoning laws have rules that cover how small or large a home can be. Every state, city and county is different. You can find this information by calling your local zoning office or visiting their website.

One way that people get around local home size laws is by building a tiny home on a trailer and because the house is on a trailer it isn’t under the jurisdiction of the local zoning laws. Although this is mostly true and allows a homeowner to get around size laws, it doesn’t protect them from local subdivision rules that might outlaw having any form of trailer on your property. To satisfy all law that might govern your build you will have to do research and find out what is legal and illegal. Make this your first step.

Accessing The Cost of Building A Small House

Any small house plans worth their salt is going to give you enough information to determine the cost of building your home. To make the dream of building your home come true you will need to work out the money side of things, without enough funds all you have are dreams without a due date. What will follow are some things that your plans will cover that will allow you to figure out how much money you will need. Be mindful that building supplies and home building costs vary from location to location.

Materials: You can’t build a home without having the building blocks of a house. Your plans will come with a list of materials that you can take to your local building supply and price. If you are working with a contractor they can help you determine the cost of materials. A contractor might have discounts on materials but it is wise to create your own price list to compare with their prices.

Foundation: Your house will have to sit on something. Foundations come in many types including slab, pier and if you are using a trailer you have even more options. Slab foundations range in prices but $3000 to $5000 is the going price in this country but your area might be different.

Land Cost: This is an obvious but you will need land to build your small house on or a place to park your tiny house. Land cost varies by location and finding the right lot of land is sometimes the hardest step of the home building process.

Electrical: Depending on how you plan to power your small house, you will need to factor in electrical costs. Your home plans will tell you various options including traditional and even solar use.

Plumbing: There are so many options when it comes to plumbing that you will need to do your own research on top of what is providing in plans. If you just take a look at the small home building videos on youtube you will see all the ideas that people come up with when it comes to plumbing.

Do It Yourself or Hiring Someone?

This is a big issue and one you should figure out early. Are you the DIY type, do you have time and enough knowledge to build a house, do you have the right tools or will you need to hire someone? The implications of this decision will impact your entire project. You must access your skills and the time you have available, and your budget to hire a contractor. Building these small houses might seem easy but they require time and effort.

How To Get Started (Make A Plan With A Time Limit)

Up to this point we have hit on the fundamental things that you need to research before building a small home based on plans. It is now that you really need to make a decision on if you are going to do it or not. Dreams are cheap, they don’t take much investment but building a home will take a lot of work. If you are serious about this then you will create a plan with a time limit on how long it will take you to go from step to step. You can use the basic outline of this article and build a research schedule around learning the information that you need to get started.

Once you get into the physical aspect of building a home you also need a schedule and a detailed plan so that things will go smoothly and on an efficient time table. It is our hope that you will do your homework, save your money, create a solid plan and build the small home according to these plans. We need more doers than dreamers in this movement to show the rest of the world what a man or woman can do with enough desire and action.